Myanmar - October 2003

Pictures of the XZ7A DXpedition

Very warm welcome through the Myanmar Travel and Tours crew on the first evening.
Building the 3 element yagi DL4WK (we don't know if DL4WK had to build all antennas...).
We occupy five rooms in 5th floor of the hotel. The roof is now full of antennas...
Our 6m yagi.
Our 3 element for 20/15/10.
30m Vertical.
The Titanex V80E on the hotel roof.
Manfred, DK1BT, the RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV operator.
We see that Manfred is running "barefoot"!
Mr.Sigi Presch, DL7DF!
Frank, DL7UFR, transferring the logs via Pactor.
Tom, DJ6TF, working CW.
Reiner, DL7KL, sending e-mails.
Wolf, DL4WK, at the 6m station.
Sigi is fixing little problems. Okay, let's go!
Our guide Jiro - helper for all problems. Thanks Jiro!
Buddha statue in Yangon.
Buddha statue in Yangon.
Rush hour in Yangon - the high buildings belong to the trade center.
Monks singing endlessly. We see similarities with what we do.
What would they think about us calling endlessly CQ?
Little donation for the conservation of the pagoda. In recognition of
this we may pull the little ship to the top of the pagoda.
85% of the inhabitants are Buddhists. Therefore we find a pagoda
at almost every corner.
Water taxis on the Yangon river in the inland port of Yangon.
The Scott Market.
Time to relax at the hotel pool when the bands are dead.
The following pictures are from the seaside location of XZ7A in Ngapali: