Burundi - September/October 2007

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Burundi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. There a couple of relief projects initiated from Germany. We met Kerstin and Ruth who work for Burundi Kids on-site for one year. Our team also contributed a little donation for the relief project of the kids in Burundi. Who ever would also like to help please check out www.burundikids.org or all informationen and www.fondation-stamm.org.

Kerstin and Ruth report about their activity regularly at www.kerstinsburundi.wordpress.com. and www.ruthn.wobistdujetzt.com.

It was a real pleasure to stay at the Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika on the banks of Lake Tanganyika - our host for the DXpedition. See their website at www.hoteltanganyika.com/eng/ for more information. The staff gave us total freedom for setting up our antennas. We are glad to present a few more pictures of the facility.

Lobby of the Club Du Lac Tanganiyka The green interior zone of the hotel
View of the hotel swimming pool Another shot
A pool for the kids Beach pictures
More beach pictures  
  A very well equipped gym

View towards the mountain ranges east of Lake Tanganiyka
with fisher boats

A few words to our complaints of the thunderstorms.
The pictures above and on the left show the mountains west
and east of us.

It was a nature spectacle, on the other side very dangerous
for our radio 0equipment.

The mountains are more than 2600m high.
Our location is at 760 asl.

In the mountains and in between the thunderstorms got stuck
for hours.

View towards the mountain ranges west of Lake Tanganiyka  

Final group photo in front of the flags of Burundi, Germany and the European Union.
Left to right: Wolfgang - DL4WK, Jürgen - DL7UFN, Sigi - DL7DF, Leszek - SP3DOI, Frank - DL7UFR, Manfred - DK1BT